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The 21st Century New Material Hollow Glass Microsphere

Hollow Glass Microsphere

What is Hollow Glass Sphere?

Hollow Glass Sphere is a kind of hollow spherical powdery ultra-light inorganic non-metallic material. Its true density is 0.15-0.65g/cm³, particle size is 2-120μm, wall thickness is 1-2μm, and its compressive strength is in Between 3-125MPa, it has the characteristics of light weight, large volume, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, and good fluidity. It is a product filler and lightening agent in paint coatings, rubber, modified plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic, artificial stone, putty and other industries; oil and gas field mining industries can produce high-strength low-density cement slurry and low-density by using its high compressive and low density properties Drilling fluid.

Pure white color: Hollow Glass Microsphere can be widely used in products which have high requirements for looks and colors.
Low density: The density of Hollow Glass Sphere is about one tenth of the density of traditional filler particles. After filling, it can greatly reduce the basis weight of the product, replace and save more production resins, and reduce product costs.

Relatively large volume: which can substitute and save more resins, reducing cost.
High dispersion and good fluidity: Because Hollow Glass Microsphere are tiny spheres, they have better fluidity in liquid resin than flake, needle or irregular shape fillers, so they have excellent mold filling performance. What’s more important is that the small microbeads are isotropic, so they won’t have the disadvantage of inconsistent shrinkage of different parts due to orientation, and ensure the dimensional stability of the product without warping. dimensional stability, reduced warpage and shrinkage when used as additives.
Heat insulation, sound insulation, low water absorption: The inside of the Hollow Glass Sphere is a thin gas, so it has the characteristics of sound insulation and heat insulation, and is an excellent filler for various heat preservation and sound insulation products. The thermal insulation properties of Hollow Glass Microspheres can also be used to protect products from thermal shocks caused by alternate changes between rapid heating and rapid cooling conditions. The high resistivity and extremely low water absorption make it widely used in the processing and production of cable insulation materials. mostly used as heat insulation paints and coatings, automotive sealants.

Low oil absorption rate: The particle size of the Hollow Glass Sphere determines its minimum specific surface area and low oil absorption rate. The amount of resin can be greatly reduced in the use process. Even under the premise of high addition amount, the viscosity will not increase a lot. The production operation conditions are greatly improved, and the production efficiency can be increased by 10% – 20%.
In addition, corrosion resistant, fire resistant, non-conducting.

Application of Hollow Glass Sphere

Microsphere in Thermal Insulation Paints
Hollw Glass Microspheres in PA6 and PA66
Hollow Glass spheres in Cementing Slurry
Hollow Glass Sphere in Modified Plastic
Hollow Glass Microsphere in Drilling Fluids
Hollow Glass Cenosphere in Marine Buoyancy Modules
Glass Microsphere in Epoxy Tooling Board
Glass Cenosphere in Sealants and Adhesives

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